Learning never stops

We decided to play a game with map of India.

He gave the following hints to me to guess the name of a place:

– starts with RA, ends with UR

– contains 7 letters

– towards East of India

I started to think but then heard him say “let’s change the location, I forgot where I saw it…!” 🙂

I took him along to start finding based on hints, and zeroed down to Rangpur in Bangladesh!!

A name that he and I didn’t know before, but will always remember now. 🙂

Life takes its course

What you expect your children would appreciate is something, you realize, you would have appreciated when you were a child.

The reality strikes when you feel good about doing something for them you couldn’t do for yourself, but the young minds do not pay heed as they have their own agenda.

Parents are just nature’s way of bringing life to existence. That life is smart enough to take its own course!